When do you renovate?

When you live in Toronto, you are oftentimes faced with the need to renovate your home. Renovating is one means of improving the market value of your investment by adding additional facilities like — new toilet and bath, an extended kitchen, or the need for a family or recreation room. The basic concept of why you choose a particular home are —the nearness to your work place and the school where your children go to. So, if you have this house whose proximity to work and school serves as an added advantage, there is need to renovate when the occasion calls for it.

Buying a house that needs renovation can be the best way to get into desired neighborhoods within a prescribed budget. It is important to ascertain the cost of renovation and the inconvenience that will befall you and your family when renovation takes place. While you are going through the process, it is best to put all your effort by doing things that are friendly to the environment.

The Renovation of your home can benefit others too!

When you renovate, it is best to consider the support of a charitable oriented institution like the local Habitat for Humanity ReStore. This building supply store sells and buys new and used building materials. Funds generated by these organizations help support its home building programs and help reduce the flow of used materials that fills up the landfills. You may want to search for Restores online at

Whenever you do upgrades in your home, it is best to consider donating recyclable building materials to reduce wastage. It is not always the best option to replace the old with the new. If the old materials can still be refurbished, it is better to re-use them to give character to your home.

Refurbishing your tubs and sinks can be done by resurfacing counter-tops with the use of innovative materials like Caesar Stone, recycled glass, stones and tiles to give it a new look without totally replacing the entire bathroom or kitchen.
A paint job on specific areas like bathrooms and kitchen can improve the market value of your home. The Appraisal Institute had reiterated the need to invest in good painting techniques to enhance the home and upgrade your home’s marketability. The upgrade would oftentimes result to 75 to 100 percent return on investments.

Go for Green in Renovations!

Increasing the green factor like the use of energy efficient lighting, appliances, faucets, and shower heads are essential factors that can decrease your monthly energy bills drastically.
You can also go green in your flooring. Materials like cork and bamboo are green options since they are made of renewable resources. Bamboo can be made into cabinets, as well as other types of wood that are certified by the Stewarship Council of Canada.

You may visit the RENOA of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, which is an online guide to home improvements. RENOVA helps consumers compute on the probable returns on their investments for the type of home improvements that they are contemplating on.
The home should be check for its various functions. If it is constructed for aesthetic purposes instead of performance, you may end up having a higher maintenance cost on the long run. The cost of heating the home during the winter months may dramatically increase. This may happen as a result of household drafts due to broken windows and doors. If this happens, an upgrade should be done immediately.

Choose the low-E argon-filled units with the Energy Star symbol when you opt to buy thermo pane windows for thermal efficiency. If you want to know how old your thermo pane windows are, you can find it stamped between the panes of glass in the metal pieces. Most stamps show the year and month that they were manufactured.

Improvement of the home is a long term investment. Some improvements may include replacing a deteriorating roof. This type of replacement may only offer a small return on investment, but it is needed immediately since water damage may ensue. There are roof shingles that you can choose from that are made of recycled materials to make it more durable and long lasting.
Choosing the models with the energy symbols for your cooling and heating requirements are good investments, as well. The right heating and cooling system can deliver up to 75 percent return on investment. Changing your furnace, doors and windows to more efficient models can keep you warm and snug during the long winter.

For your needs on Greening, Renovating or on finding the right home, you may contact the Greater Toronto REALTOR® group or visit them on their site — —- for all real estate needs.