Finding Your Perfect Home In Toronto

Finding Your Perfect Home In Toronto

Finding a home is oftentimes a difficult process. You have to think of the smallest detail that would not only affect you at present but also that in the future. If you encounter problems on buying a home or choosing the best real estate option for investment, please call us up or send us an email — and we will be glad to answer your queries to talk about your specific needs.

The following things need to be considered in choosing the type of home to buy:

a. Location or the Site

You have to choose on whether you want to live in the city or the countryside. In choosing the place, the amount of time in commuting to and from your workplace would be one factor in decision making. You have to look around for social/cultural/economic amenities as well. The most important consideration is the nearby school for your children to attend to and the travel time involve.

b. Size of the Home

The space requirement for all members of the family should also be considered: how many bedrooms are needed; and the additional rooms that will be used as library, office, exercise area, and the number of cars on the garage.

c. Special Features

There is need to ascertain additional home requirements —-for storage facilities, music room, study area, swimming pool, and the need for air conditioning.
Other considerations would include extra facilities when you may have family members with health issues. Other factors would include cost savings for energy consumption and the retention of indoor air quality that is environmentally friendly.

d. Lifestyle Changes
This includes possible changes in the future. Among the changes are — plans to have children, members moving away soon, or plans of retirement. Your choice of a home has to factor in changes that may occur in the years to come.

II. New Versus Resale Homes

In choosing a home to buy, you have two choices—- whether to buy a pre-owned home (or resale) or a new home.

a. For New Homes In Toronto.

If you choose to buy a new home, the advantages follow: modern and with the most up-to date designs in the market; possibilities of upgrade on home features like siding, flooring, choice of cabinets, and rework of plumbing and electrical facilities.
The disadvantages would be: peripheral facilities like shopping malls, schools, and other social services may not be in place yet, and; it may cost you extra for additional minor improvements like — fireplace, garden, and pavement of the driveway and walking area. It is better to know what is included for the amount that you pay before you decide to buy.

b. For Resale Homes In Toronto.

There are many advantages when you opt to buy resale homes: easy access to social and economic services; facilities like schools, shopping malls, church and other social facilities exist. The home may have built-in services like fireplace, basement area, study or music rooms, and the addition of a swimming pool. The downsides are: the need to renovate and redecorate; and the additional cost in having the roof, floor, shingles, doors repaired and repainted.

III Decision on Which Type of Home to Buy In Toronto.

There are many different types of homes that you can choose from and each one of them may have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your choice would depend on your specific needs.

Examples of the types of homes to choose from follow:

a. Single Family Detached Home In Toronto.

A house that stands alone in its own lot offers great privacy to the home owner.

b. Semi-Detached Family Home In Toronto.

This is a single family home that adjoins another unit, with only a wall to separate them. It offers some privacy and may be less costly to buy and maintain as compared to a single family detached home.

c. Row Houses or Townhouse in Toronto

These consist of several single family homes, situated side-by-side, and separated by common walls. They can either be freeholds, condominiums or rental units. They offer less privacy than single-family detached home but still gives the homeowner individual outdoor space. These homes are less costly to buy and maintain – and choices may include large and luxury units that are adequate for your needs.

d. Link or Carriage Home

These are houses with joint garages or carports, and a single access to the front and back yard area. Builders sometimes build basement walls to create an illusion of link houses or single-family homes on smaller lots. These choices are less expensive than single-family detached homes.

e. Condominiums and Strata

A condominium and strata are residential units that are constructed as high rise residential building, townhouses complexes, individual houses or low rise residential buildings.

Whatever type of home that you decide on buying, and you need help to answer all your queries —- please be assured that we are just a phone call away. Or you can send us an e-mail and we will attend to it immediately!

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