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Exuberance in Toronto

nextmove0306re2There is exuberance in Toronto’s real estate when Manning Avenue suddenly came up with the most sought after houses with asking prices below $1 million. These gave buyers the impetus to go on a buying spree to own a house of their own at less...
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Toronto Residential Real Estate FAQ’s

What are building permits?
We can find the answers to queries in the homeowners’ guide.
Q: We plan to buy a home where a knob and tube wiring is in place. What do we do?
A: There are several options that are available to you. First, you can rewire. You can ask a reputable electrician for a...
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Tips on Water Proofing Your Toronto Home

Tips on Water Proofing Your Toronto Home There can never be more horrifying , than finding your basement flooded with water.If you see leaks on your walls and floor in the basement area ---- there is need to call immediately a professional contractor who specializes in basement waterproofing. You may find it daunting however, that there...
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